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Tyrannosaur by T-Reqs
This time done as practice, working with painting, rather than lining and then filling out. I had a lot of fun on this one, I'll probably do a few more. I used the Papo running rex as a loose reference, mostly for the shading. Done mainly as practice to familiarize myself with how to paint in Photoshop.
Tyrannosaurus by T-Reqs
Decided to dab into a little paleo-art again. I tried to incorporate a lot of turkey vulture features with this dinosaur, emphasizing its amazing sense of smell and carnivorous diet.
Cactus Stegosaurus Fakemon by T-Reqs
Cactus Stegosaurus Fakemon
Here's the new grass type starters of my fakemon region. My old line with Cactoad, Brieraptor, and Cactaurus was cool, but I felt that they were a little too similar to Chespin's line with all their spikes and whatnot. I kept with a desert and spine theme, though, with these new ones. They're based on Dimetrodon and Stegosaurus with prickly pear and saguaro cacti. Please give me some name and dex suggestions, and tell me what you think of these guys as opposed to the old starters.

Edit: Gave Steguaro (imo) a much-needed update. I may or  may not do the same for its counterparts and/or the rest of the starters. No major changes, just refining the designs a bit more.

Overgrow (HA-Dry Skin)
It's cactus is so filled with moisture that it carries all the water it needs for three life times

Overgrow (HA-Dry Skin)
Their skin is so dry that any moisture is instantly sucked away through contact. Trainers are to be cautious about handling this Pokemon. When threatened, it launches the spines on its body in all directions. Drinking the water from its cacti induces a psychoactive experience.

Overgrow (HA-Dry Skin)
It's moisture-absorbing skin, combined with its spiny plates and tail, make it a daunting foe. Its tail can swing with enough force to reduce a tree to splinters.

Mega forms- Mega Starter Fakemon

Thanks to
:icondinoboygreen: for the name 'Kectus'
:iconfishut564: for the name 'Spactus'
:iconfried-ricer-man: for dex entries
Holiday Present Fakemon by T-Reqs
Holiday Present Fakemon
I know it's a few days after Christmas, but I figured I should finish these guys up and upload them, at least before the new year. I sketched out a rough idea of the final evo last year around this time, bust scrapped the idea because I couldn't design a prevo that suited it. So this year's holiday season I revisited the concept. They're based on Christmas presents and toys, nutcrackers and jack-in-the-boxes in particular. I'm not entirely sure on the typing, but I'm feeling some combo of Fairy and Fighting/Steel/Ice(???) for the final form. I'd love some cool name suggestions and dex entries! You followers of mine are always the best at coming up with some really interesting ideas. As for attacks, they definitely know Heal Bell, Bounce, and Present, among others. Suck it Delibird!

???/??? (HA-???)
They appear during times of joy and celebration. Receiving one during a birthday or holiday is a sign of good luck.

???/??? (HA-???)
It loves to entertain small children, which it does by popping out of it's box-like lower body and pulling faces. If something scares the children, it will defend them with punches that are made stronger by coiling and releasing it's spring-like body.

Spring-Cracker Fakemon
Strong Jaw/Iron Fist (HA- ???)
Their jaws are incredibly strong, able to crunch through stone as though it were peanut brittle. Their box-shaped fists are spring-loaded, allowing them to pummel their foes from a distance. Despite its intimidating appearance, it is usually a jovial creature with lots of holiday spirit. During times of war, they were used as foot soldiers to great success.

Thanks to
:icondinoboygreen: for the name 'Punchencrunch'
:iconmitchirinekomarch: for the name 'Smack'n'Jack
:icondinoboygreen: for the species 'Spring-Cracker'
:icondinoboygreen::iconobsessor23: for dex entries!
I wanted to thank all of you for the birthday wishes!
I'd also like to let you all know that I'm working on a second set of starters. I've got one line done, but I'm not going to post it until they're all finished. I'm really liking this line in particular among my fakes. I'll give you lot a hint- 'Snapalm'

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