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September 15, 2012
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Signalarm and Traffiking by T-Reqs Signalarm and Traffiking by T-Reqs
Uploading three evo lines today since I didn't upload one last weekend like I was supposed too.

These guys are some of my all time favs, and they came about as a random sketch that had no real intent of becoming an actual fake. I was joking with myself saying 'I need more inanimate objects, what's the most outrageous thing I can turn into a 'mon', and thus I thought of a traffic signal. Turns out I really like these guys, and I would totally use one.

Based on, of course, traffic signals, with I guess some jellyfish or something thrown in as well.

-Signalarm (Signal + Alarm)
Species- Traffic Pokemon
Type- Electric/Steel
Ability- Levitate
Egg Group- Mineral
Amber Pokedex Entry- Signalarm were often used in olden days to guide people across cities. Their glowing eyes each can perform different attacks.
Chrome Pokedex Entry- The three lights of Signalarm can all function independently. They attack by firing beams of energy from their eyes.

HP- *
Attack- *
Defense- **
Sp. Attack- **
Sp. Defense- ***
Speed- *

-Traffiking (Traffic + King)
Species- RoadRage Pokemon
Type- Electric/Steel
Ability- Levitate
Egg Group- Mineral
Amber Pokedex Entry- Each of Traffiking's sets of eyes seems to have a personality of its own. This Pokemon often attaches itself to power lines and causes horrific car crashes.
Chrome Pokedex Entry- Traffiking will purposefully destroy man-made traffic signals and take their place. These Pokemon feed off of the batteries of stopped or wrecked vehicles.

HP- ***
Attack- **
Defense- ***
Sp. Attack- ****
Sp. Defense- ****
Speed- ***

Move Sample
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon
Me First
Follow Me
Signal Beam
Aurora Beam
Tail Glow
Mean Look
Volt Switch
Power Whip
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A traffic light Pokemon, eh? Or Fakemon, whichever you prefer. I'm pretty sure the developers are designing really exotic Pokemon for the sixth generation. The world of Pokemon could use such unique characters and both Signalarm and Traffiking are among them. If red means stop, its red light should fire like Hyper Beam. If yellow means caution, I bet it could use attacks like Confuse Ray to hinder its opponent. Of course Thunder Wave would work also. If green means go... Well...

Maybe any type of beam attack would fit the green light. Too bad it can't learn Solarbeam, though green would be a fitting color for it.
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X-RayLawnmower Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Bold Use of Creativity!!! :)

I love it looks like you could find it in a city


FionaDevil May 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh veyr nice idea
I would CERTAINLY use this.
I just love the idea.
Okay, in all honesty your gallery of fakes is amazing, but this... this takes the cake. The concept is just so frigging cool! Really, I have no idea why I wasn't watching you, but now I will be! Someday, don't be surprised if I ask to make fanart of your fakes, they're seriously amazing.
These guys are in my top 5 fav fakes of mine! I'm glad an artist as famous as you likes them! Thanks!
It's not just these! I love Aeroconda, the vultures, Dijoeydoo and Didgeriroo (probably spelling them wrong lol) and quite a few others! You've got some great stuff!
And me? Famous? Haha, since when?
You have almost 600 watchers, I'd say that makes you pretty famous :)

And you spelled the names correctly, actually!
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